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High-Risk Insurance


People are talking all time about it, but exactly is High Risk Insurance? Technically, it can be a few things:

HIGH-RISK PERSONAL CAR INSURANCE, also known as non-standard, non-preferred insurance(for drivers that have had many convictions or at-fault accidents, had policies cancelled because they have not paid their premiums or have a combination of the above). 

HIGH-RISK HOME INSURANCE, you can fall into the high-risk home insurance category for a few reasons, such as the type of building you want to insure, proximity to a hydrant, age of the building, your claims and payment history, or the use of your building. 

HIGH-RISK BUSINESS OPERATION is another non-standard activity due to its non-preferred nature. A good example is food delivery, or any delivery in general due to its time constraint element. While the driver may have an impeccable driving record, the nature of business they are involved into, may be of lesser or no interest of the insurer to cover. Also, operating a business, like snow-removal carries a higher likelihood of expensive slip and fall claims compared to a plumber.

HIGH-RISK COMMERCIAL AUTO INSURANCE, things like your number of tickets, accidents, or claims, running a new business that requires a heavy vehicle you have no prior owner-operator experience on, operating a high-risk high value vehicle etc.

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