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Errors and Omissions Insurance

Errors and omissions insurance is a form of liability insurance. It protects companies against the full costs of a claim made by a client against a professional who provides advice or a service such as a consultant, financial adviser, insurance agent, or a lawyer.

For example, a client may sue an adviser or broker after an investment goes sour, even if the risks were well-known and within the guidelines established by the client. Even if a court or arbitration panel finds in favor of a broker or investment adviser, the legal fees can be very high, which is why E&O insurance is important.


The benefits E&O insurance gives companies or individuals vary greatly depending on the policy and issuing insurance company. E&O insurance may or may not cover temporary employees, claims stemming from work done before the policy was in force, or claims in various jurisdictions.


These policies do not cover criminal prosecution and certain liabilities that may arise in civil court not listed in the policy.

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