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Commercial Auto Insurance in Ontario

The #1 Commercial Auto Insurance Broker in Ontario; Serving 1000+ Clients

As a business owner with several vehicles for delivery and even taxis, limos, or buses, you must understand the importance of being protected by commercial auto insurance. Given to the fact that car registrations in Canada are now at a whopping 186107 units, it’s only understandable that the roads are evermore crowded.


This is why there is a need for business owners to ensure that their employees are vigilant and attentive behind the wheel. Nevertheless, there can always be a road accident and you wouldn’t want to suffer the loss, would you?

This is where commercial auto insurance steps in.


What is Commercial Auto Insurance?

Save Big on Damage and Medical Costs with Best commercial auto insurance Ontario.

In case of a road accident, if you or your employee are at fault, commercial auto insurance can help cover damages, losses, and even medical expenses.


For example, commercial auto insurance can prove to be useful in scenarios such as:

  • Your employee, driving a company vehicle, mistakenly hits a pedestrian, who now needs medical treatments, resulting in huge medical bills.


  • You or your employee run into another car while driving a company vehicle.

Commercial car insurance in Ontario will help you get coverage for all losses, thus saving you huge sums of money.

What Kind of Businesses Need Commercial Auto Insurance in Ontario?

All business that:

  • Own or rent cars and trucks need commercial vehicle insurance in Ontario, and/or


  • Have employees driving company vehicles for business purposes,

Need commercial auto insurance coverage to ensure the financial wellbeing of their business.


Types of Vehicles Covered Under Commercial Auto Insurance in Ontario


Commercial vehicle insurance in Ontario is not only meant for industrial vehicles, such as semis or dump trucks, but is also for most everyday vehicles. Regardless of whether it is a four-door sedan that you use to travel to business meetings or you have a cargos or trucks, you need commercial truck insurance.

All business vehicles used for business operations need to start looking for commercial auto insurance quotes.

  • Company cars

  • Cargo vans

  • Limos

  • Taxis

  • Buses

  • Trucks

  • SUVs

However, the protection is based on a range of risk factors, such as how the vehicle is used, how frequently it is operated, how many miles it travels every year, etc.


In some cases, you might as well need commercial car Insurance Ontario, if the vehicle is prone to getting damaged or cause an accident.

For heavy equipment vehicles and trucks, you should get commercial truck insurance from the commercial auto insurance companies in Ontario.  I represent a significant number of first class Canadian insurance companies offering a wide range of insurance packages. Contact me to get the cheapest commercial auto insurance in Ontario. Also for any auto insurance advice or concern such as average commercial vehicle insurance rates Ontario contact me.

What All Does Commercial Auto Insurance Cover?

Just like personal auto insurance, commercial auto insurance offers basic coverage, like liability, collision, etc. Opting for commercial auto insurance will help you maintain your company’s financial wellbeing.


  • Bodily Injury Liability: This part of the coverage helps cover damage to others in a road accident caused by your employee or you in a company vehicle. Under this coverage, all medical bills, funeral costs if needed, and lawsuit costs are covered. Depending upon the kind of commercial auto insurance quote in Ontario you like, you will have a limit set on bodily injury liability.


  • Property Damage Liability: This covers all costs related to repair of property damage caused in an accident by you or your employee. Again, this depends upon the limit you bought in the insurance policy. It is best to work with best commercial auto insurance in Ontario to be able to analyze risks and potential costs of injury, damage, or legal fees.


  • Collision: There’s enough collision coverage to be able to cover the expenses of damage repair to your company vehicles, in case of an accident.


  • Comprehensive: This is the most recommended as it covers damages to your vehicle due to causes other than collision, such as weather, theft, vandalism.


  • Medical Coverage: This covers funeral and medical expenses should anything happen to you or your employee in a road accident.


  • Uninsured or Underinsured Motorists: Should there be a case where an accident happened due to another motorist who did not have enough coverage, then this type of coverage will cover expenses related to damages and medical treatment for you or your employee.

Why Hire a Commercial Auto Insurance Broker in Ontario?


Analyze Risks and Assess Damage Costs Accurately


A commercial insurance broker will bend over backwards to find the best and cheap commercial auto insurance in Ontario for you. A broker like me has ties with a variety of insurance providers. I review, evaluate, and underwrite your details by matching your risk exposure with the insurance company that can suit your needs perfectly. You contact me for the best commercial auto insurance Ontario Quotes.

You can take a look at the list of commercial auto insurance companies in Ontario that I work with here.

Why Choose Best Commercial Auto Insurance?

Quick, Hassle-Free, No Waiting – Top Class Customer Service


The main advantage of working with me compared to a big brokerage firm is personalized customer service. I am easy to reach; no long waiting time, no reception/secretary. Plus, I offer my clients with cheapest commercial auto insurance Ontario services.

If you dial my number for a quote, question, concern such as average commercial vehicle insurance rates Ontario or general insurance advice, there will be no call center, switchboard, endless menus to listen to, or long waiting secretary transferring time, just 4 rings that will direct you straight to me.

I will help you choose from a range of commercial auto insurance quotes in Ontario. I deliver top class service to my clients. With over 13 years of insurance industry experience, I am proud to have served 1000 clients.

Contact me today!

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