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Commercial General Liability Insurance in Ontario

The Most Trusted Commercial General Liability Insurance Broker in Ontario, Serving 1000+ Clients

As a business owner, you must be aware of the fact that anyone who gets associated with your company or employees can always file a claim or lawsuit against your company for reasons like physical injuries or wrongful termination.


For this reason, there is a need for getting commercial general liability coverage. But how will you know you’re choosing the right company?

This is the reason I put my best foot forward to help you choose from the best commercial general liability insurance companies in Ontario. I will help you shortlist options after assessing risks and analyzing costs. Moreover, I will only be a call away should you need my assistance.

What is Commercial General Liability Insurance?

Commercial general liability insurance is the best way to get out of sticky situations that business owners face. It will protect your company and employees against property damage claims, as well as those of bodily injury, should there be an accident at your workplace.


The right insurance coverage will cover associated medical and legal costs. Also, your business will be protected against liability claims with regards to product liability is you choose the right commercial general liability coverage in Ontario.

Who Should Get Commercial General Liability Insurance?


All business owners dealing with people in some way or the other need commercial general liability insurance coverage. Regardless of the size of the business, liability insurance protects you even if you’re a contractor, independent consultant, or tradesperson, you would need it to protect your assets against expensive lawsuits.


Here’s how it helps cover and manage liability risks in your business.

Risk: An insured employee or client trips on a fixture or something at your company.
Coverage: Commercial liability insurance in Ontario will cover all medical and damage repair expenses, along with possible legal costs if the client or employee sues for negligence.

Risk: An old client wins a lawsuit over the service provided by your company.
Coverage: General liability insurance will cover defense costs and even legal damages.

Risk: You lose confidential data upon your computer being hacked.
Coverage: Liability insurance has cyber liability coverage, which will help provide legal assistance to recover lost data and secure existing data.


What Does General Liability Insurance Cover?


Take a closer look at the different ways in which commercial general liability insurance in Ontario can help your business.

  • Bodily Injuries: Should there be a time when a customer gets injured in your workplace, the commercial liability insurance Ontario will cover all related medical costs.

  • Property Damage: If there is damage caused to other property due to your business, the insurance will cover all damage repair costs.

  • Operational Costs: Insurance covers all expenses related to injuries caused due to the process of shipping products.

  • Personal Injury: When there is a case that someone claims that you personally injured them, commercial general liability insurance will cover lawsuits cost associated with claims of slander, violation of privacy, or unlawfully evicting someone.

  • Product Liability: If there is injury or property damage caused due to your products, your insurance coverage will help provide legal fees and damage costs.

What is the Cost of Commercial General Liability Insurance in Ontario?

The cost of insurance depends majorly on the type of industry you work in and the size of your business. In contrast of a contractual worker, who doesn’t interact with a lot of people every day, a business belonging to the construction industry will have to pay high rates to gain the best commercial general liability insurance in Ontario. This is because a major part of such business involves working on other people’s properties and can cause bodily injuries as well.


The more the coverage limit, the more is the cost of commercial general liability insurance in Ontario. The highest costs are those of legal coverage and medical bills.

Why Choose Me as Your Commercial General Liability Insurance Broker in Ontario?

Quick, Hassle-Free, No Waiting – Top Class Customer Service


The main advantage of working with me compared to a big brokerage firm is personalized customer service. I am easy to reach; no long waiting time, no reception/secretary.

If you dial my number for a quote, question, concern or general insurance advice, there will be no call center, switchboard, endless menus to listen to, or long waiting secretary transferring time, just 4 rings that will direct you straight to me.

I will help you choose from a range of Best commercial liability insurance companies in Ontario. I deliver top class service to my clients. With over 13 years of insurance industry experience, I am proud to have served 1000 clients.

Contact me today!

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